Unique Fun Wedding Venue Reception Ideas You Should Try

Your wedding day will always be one of the most crucial and special moments in your life. Therefore, it's logical if you want everything to run smoothly at your Larcomb Vineyard - wedding venue Christchurch. Having a corresponding reception is one of the things that both you and your guests will probably be looking forward to on that day. Even so, most individuals find it hard to come up with a unique celebration style with a little bit of fun. Dare to be different by incorporating some of these fun ideas for your wedding reception to add a personal touch;

The Dance Floor

This might seem like an obvious step, but very few people know how to make it stand out. Try for instance hiring a professional dance instructor to help your guests through a new dance move special to you and your partner. For a hilarious experience share the most awkward free-style dance move you ever shared with your spouse while dating. Make it simple.

Frame The "Us" Stories

Take time to collect photos of the most memorable moments in your relationship and display them at your Larcomb Vineyard - wedding venue Christchurch receptionist. Let your best couple and other married family members also participate by voluntarily sending in their epic moments. This will surely warm many hearts.

Incorporate Some Games

No one is too old for a few games. Start it off by engaging in some questions and answers session with your spouse. The questions could be about less serious stuff from your views on marriage life, expectations, etc. You can also offer your guests some light, fun summer outdoor games. Ensure the kids are also well entertained.

Have a Fun Drinking Area

Get some space away from the table arrangements for your guests to interact quietly. Ensure to stock-up enough drinks. You can even inquire about your guest's favorite beverages beforehand.