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Management By Statistics System
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The Management By Statistics System turns your computer and printer into a fully computerized management tool, allowing you to
1 Quickly enter and keep track of all your company,s statistics.

2 Automatically scale all your graphs per policy.

3 View and print all your company statistics.

4 Log all important organizational changes on a production line against the statistics which measure the production line, thereby enabling you to later review how effective these changes were

Prints graphs in color.

Runs in Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT®, 2000 and XP

Full Price $US295.00

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Today’s stock market has been rocked by failures of large companies that were thought to be strong. Correct, true statistics could have brought these problems to light earlier, rather than after the point of failure had already passed.

A down trending statistic spells trouble in the near future. A rising statistic indicates increased future survival potential.

“If one remains level, one tends to contract. If one contracts, one’s chances of survival diminish.

, there is only one chance left and that, for an organization, is expansion.”

L. Ron Hubbard

Each new corporate failure shakes the confidence of the consumer and sends a rippling effect through the economy. Can you avoid these failures?

The answer is not only yes, but you can increase your sales and service, even in these uncertain times. One part of accomplishing this is to keep and monitor statistics in each area of your business using the Management by Statistics software from MasterTech Computer Products.

In his work, L. Ron Hubbard codified formulas which cover any condition an organization or company may find itself in. Declining statistics can be identified and reversed before disaster takes hold. It’s a matter of knowing and using the formulas.
Quality can also be tracked by statistics. Statistics like the number of complaints, number of returns and percentage of on time delivery can give you a better idea of your quality of service or products.

The Management by Statistics Software from MasterTech can help you see what condition your business is really in and shows what you can do about it.

If you are running your business without statistics, then you are running blind. Your income and the difference between success and failure depend on knowing what is going on and how much of what is actually being done or not done. After all, how can you correct something if you don’t know it’s a problem or what area of your business is really causing the problem?

Some key statistics to keep are:

Gross sales or income;

Net income;

Promotional and advertising items sent out; including fliers, information packets, and print, radio and tv ads;

Responses you receive from your advertising;

Value of service or products delivered to your customers;

Number of sales;

Number of new customers;

Sales calls;

Sales leads;

Bills owing;

Cash on hand;


Staff training programs completed;

Fully trained employees;

Income divided by the number of employees;

Value of assets;

Some of the key benefits are:

Quickly see production in all areas and employees.

View statistics on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Compare statistics with one another. (Example, comparing income with promotion can tell you what promotional items are driving in business.)

Creates groups of statistics that can be viewed together.

Includes articles from L. Ron Hubbard on statistics, how to determine a statistic trend, reading statistics and much more.

Many programs on the market can produce a graph, but only the Management by Statistics software has been designed exclusively for managing.

Prints graphs in color.

Runs in Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT®, 2000 and XP.

Price: $295.00 US

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