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Personal Efficiency Course

For many people, happiness is an elusive quality. Surveys show that “being happy” is what a majority of people want most in life. This fact begs the question: Why are some people happy and others not? And what can be done when happiness seems unattainable?

The first question is perhaps best answered by understanding exactly what happiness is. As to the second question, the answer requires understanding the obstacles to personal happiness and learning how to overcome them. This understanding may be found in a service offered at every Scientology church: The Personal Efficiency Course.

Taken either on a part-time schedule over a period of five days or more intensively over a weekend, this course provides answers to many of the problems and obstacles encountered in life and gives attendees the opportunity to test the principles for themselves. It is here, often for the first time, that the student experiences the gains available from auditing. This is done on a turnabout or “co-audit” basis where students audit each other on basic Scientology processes. In short, this course offers both personal experience and an analysis of the “basics” of life, in very real and practical terms.

While there are numerous basic courses in Scientology that address specific problems or aspects of life, the Personal Efficiency Course is broader and more fundamental. It is for anyone who has ever wondered if there was more to life.


The HUBBARD Qualified SCIENTOLOGIST Course gives you a broad introduction to SCIENTOLOGY technology which you can immediately put into effect in your daily life. Become more causative, positive and happier through the application of the vital data contained on this course. The HQS(TM) Course gives you the basics you need to handle whatever comes your way in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of living. Your competence and understanding of life can soar by just using these simple basics. As a HUBBARD Qualified SCIENTOLOGIST you can:

Increase your control and ability to handle everyday confusions
Become more efficient
Handle people better with increased understanding
Learn what man is, what his mind consists of and the basic laws that govern it
Learn simple, proven techniques that you can use to alleviate discomfort or physical pain in others and help ease their difficulties in life

Do procedures and exercises to increase your own awareness.

“Happiness is important. The ability to arrange life and the environment so that living can be better enjoyed, the ability to tolerate the foibles of one’s fellow humans, the ability to see the true factors in a situation and resolve problems of living with accuracy, the ability to accept and execute responsibility, these things are important.”

L. Ron Hubbard
from the book Science of Survival

The Field Staff Member Specialist Hatting Course

The Field Staff Member Specialist Hatting Course is vital hatting for FSMs to move others onto and up THE BRIDGE. The purpose of this course is to hat a field staff member (FSM) to successfully carry out the functions of an FSM.

The FSM Specialist Hatting Course is free to those appointed as Provisional FSMs. It has no prerequisites, but ideally is done after the Hubbard Dissemination Course. With the data and know-how from these two courses you will be a powerhouse FSM.

See your FSM In-Charge about this course. Take it and gain total certainty as an FSM to move others to total freedom.

The Hubbard Dissemination Course
Help Free Others
Can you answer the most frequently asked questions about SCIENTOLOGY?

“You have new news. And Dianetics and Scientology are good news. In fact, the best news man has ever had. Don’t sit on it!”
L. Ron Hubbard
is SCIENTOLOGY about?”
is SCIENTOLOGY a religion?”
is SCIENTOLOGY sometimes considered controversial?”
is Clear?”
If you can’t answer these questions easily, yet you want to help free others, you need to do the HUBBARD Dissemination Course.
On this course, you’ll learn how to confidently answer all of these and other commonly asked questions. You’ll also learn how to use the book What Is Scientology? as a dissemination tool, and you’ll listen to eight of Ron’s lectures on the subject of dissemination. You will do thirty drills to perfect your application of his precise dissemination technology until you have this tech down cold and are a dissemination expert.
Delivered free of charge to all SCIENTOLOGISTS, this course is available in all missions and organizations. You are required only to purchase your course materials.

The Basic Study Manual or STUDENT HAT study course is the only prerequisite for the course. Lead them to freedom one by one. Do the HUBBARD Dissemination Course.

Children’s Communication Course

Your child’s world is full of new experiences, new people and new activities which expand far beyond the home. His is a time to learn, to make new friends, to create and get involved in school activities which can determine future goals and interests. Your child will encounter many problems and will have to make many of the same decisions you had to make. Does your child have the know-how to deal with it? Whole civilizations have changed because somebody changed the children. In the past, the children were usually changed for the worse. Today let’s be different and change them for the better.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from Ability magazine Issue 110

Ron’s technology is the answer. If your child can apply SCIENTOLOGY principles on his own, he has a major advantage and the stable data he’ll need to carry him through life - even when you’re not there to help him. He’ll be able to maintain his own beingness, while he makes ethical decisions on his own. And he’ll be able and willing to tell you about the situations that he has to face and handle in life.

The Children’s Communication Course provides the basics on communication so that they learn how to communicate well and make themselves fully understood. A child who can communicate is at cause!

Raise your children with SCIENTOLOGY technology.

Enroll them on the Children’s Communication Course.

TR's & Objectives & Co Audit Course

Objective processes bring a person gradually into present time. They increase perception and put you more and more at cause over your body and the environment. This makes you feel “more there” - brighter and more alert. Confidence and ability improve and you can become more able to handle situations in life and achieve personal goals. Objectives provide the biophysical handling that puts you back in touch with the physical universe - including your own body.

The TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course helps you restore your awareness of present time and return to full vibrant life. You can feel a tremendous increase in self-certainty as well as the satisfaction of doing this for another person.

The cost of the TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course includes your course pack and all supervisory services. The course pack has been specially illustrated for easy learning - anyone can do it! The theory study portion of this course takes only four days full-time to complete and you can audit as long as you like to attain the full results of the practical section.
The TRs & Objectives Co-Audit Course is your next action.
TRs” (training regimens or routines) are practical drills that put you at cause over communication - the key to success in all human relationships.
Objective” actions have to do with material objects and the person’s relationship to the environment, as opposed to “subjective” actions which have to do with a person’s mental concepts or ideas.
A “Co-Audit” is a team of any two people who are helping each other reach a better life with SCIENTOLOGY processing.
A person can be stuck in different moments in the past and his behavior and attitudes can be heavily influenced by these in present time. This can be handled with Objective Processing.

Introductory To Scientology® Ethics Course

Do you know how to make survival decisions in your life? And can you discover the right condition to apply, and then apply it to reach a personal condition of Power?

“Every being has an infinite ability to survive. How well he accomplishes this is dependent on how well he uses ethics on his dynamics.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from the book Intoduction to Scientology Ethics

SCIENTOLOGY ethics technology is vital to your expansion across the dynamics.

Every part of your life is in some condition right now - your marriage, family, business and friendships. And your case progress is also affected - a person can’t live an out-ethics life and expect to improve himself.

The data contained in this course enables you to determine the right condition to apply - and then apply it with a full understanding of ethics and its purpose. With the knowledge you gain, you can expand across the dynamics to new levels of ability and freedom.

The course is based on the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics, by L. Ron Hubbard. As part of your enrollment fee, you’ll receive a course pack that contains step-by-step lessons and drills that enable you to apply ethics technology confidently in your own life. The pack contains over 100 illustrations which give examples of the data in application.

The course covers:

Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics. How correct application of ethics tech affects your entire life, across all eight dynamics.
The Ethics Conditions. Learn how to apply them properly, and maintain the higher conditions right up to Power.
Complete data on Suppressive Persons. How to spot them and know who to trust!
Comprehensive data on the Potential Trouble Source. Learn the different types of Potential Trouble Sources and get the tech to handle them.
The Ethics Codes, correct gradients of ethics, petition and rights or recourse.

Ethics is survival.

Enroll on the Introduction to SCIENTOLOGY Ethics Course.
The Hubbard Qualified Scientologist (HQS) Course or certified on a professional auditor training course (i.e. Academy Level Zero, etc.)

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