Religion Of Scientology® Recognized
By Taiwan Government
Scientology® Religion Welcomed in Deeply Buddhist Nation
In a decree that reflects the rapid growth of the Church of Scientology in Asia, the government of Taiwan announced yesterday that it has officially recognized the Scientology® religion, just 15 years after the first Scientology® Mission opened in the capital city of Taipei.

At the same time, the Ministry of the Interior registered the Church of Scientology as the 25th officially recognized religious body in Taiwan. Scientology®, founded by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, joins Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and 21 other faiths in Taiwan’s pluralistic religious community.

Taiwan Church of Scientology® President Mei-Tsu Lee said, “We are delighted. The Scientology religion has its roots in the great religions of the East such as Buddhism. It feels as if we have come home. It is because the Taiwanese are a deeply spiritual and yet practical people that Scientology® has grown so fast in our country.”

She added that the Church in Taiwan will also expand its community work that already won it the “Good Citizen, Good Deeds” award from Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian in 1999.

Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian bestows the “Good Citizen, Good Deeds” award to the President of the Church of Scientology Taiwan, Mei-Tsu Lee, acknowledging the 500 Scientology Volunteer Ministers who aided the rescue of thousands of victims of the September 1999 earthquake in Nan Tao.
The government bestowed the award for the 500 Scientology® Volunteer Ministers who aided the rescue of victims of the September 1999 earthquake in Nan Tao.

Scientology is already officially recognized as a religion in the United States and numerous other countries around the world. Most recently it gained official recognition in New Zealand, Sweden and South Africa.

Scientology® membership is rapidly increasing throughout Asia, with one of the denomination’s largest churches located in Tokyo. Buddhist masters who have studied the Scientology religion have praised its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, for his contribution to religious wisdom in the spirit of Buddha.

Scientology came to Taiwan with the forming of the first mission in Taipei in 1988. This was followed by the Scientology Mission of Taichung, incorporated in 1991 as a religious organization by the Taichung County government. Over the next decade, Scientology grew rapidly in Taiwan and there are now nine Scientology® Missions throughout the country. Because of the religion’s rapid growth, in March 1999 the Church opened an administrative headquarters in Taipei to coordinate the activities of the burgeoning mission network.

In recent months, thousands of Taiwanese have visited a 250-square-meter What Is Scientology®? exhibit consisting of more than 50 visual and graphic representations of the religion. The exhibit, which has also traveled to Kaohsiung and Taipei, explains the theology and practice of Scientology and describes its social betterment activities in fields such as education and drug rehabilitation.

Internationally, the Scientology religion has grown from one church in 1954 to more than 3,000 churches, missions and groups in 154 countries. Scientology® provides a precise path to spiritual enlightenment that enables people to improve the quality of their lives.
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