Rosie’s story:

The first time I met the Scientologists they were wearing the yellow t-shirt for the Scientology International Assists Team in Medan, Indonesia.

After they told us what they are doing in my country, and about their mission and vision, I’m interested and I’m proud of them because they have helped many people in my country. They helped the physically injured, and those who were traumatized because of the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Banda Aceh. They start to improve the people’s spirits and how to survive in their life.

I decided to join them and help the yellow t-shirt people because I love to help many people. I learnt how to give assists.

We were invited to the hospitals and invited to the refugee camps in the Medan area. I never experienced something like this. I’ll never forget these experiences. One of my experiences is when the volunteers from Taiwan and I were invited to the Hospital; I met a little girl lying down in the bed. You know she lost all her family when the earthquake came. And this is her big trauma – she is so scared and afraid of anyone communicating to her. I put my heart out to her and I gave her an assist a few times and this was successful. I continued with locationals to help her lose her trauma about water. She later was able to ask can she see her parent’s grave.

In Banda Ache I meet much things that had more effect on the heart then when I was in Medan. In Banda Ache we have a few tents for woman and for men. We worked tirelessly through the day at the tents, the hospital and the refugee camp as well as giving workshops at the Camp. We do this everyday.

Here, at Banda Ache, I have a beautiful experience. A lady came crying hysterically. I give her touch assists, nerve assists and locationals. I helped her, she calmed down. She came twice a day, every day for her assists. She calmed down and relaxed as a result of the assists. Then I start to Audit her and she became cheerful!

Another lady came; all I knew was that she’d had a big trauma because of the tsunami and loss of her family. She lost her parents when the ground split and they were lost into the hole. She regained her spirit and wants her life again. She became cheerful again.

These are just a few of my beautiful and interesting experiences I have and I will come to tell you more of them. But with this valuable experience, I want to learn more about Scientology and Dianetics. I want to meet the people who gave me this science.

Success Story from Richard:

My friend Iwan introduced me to Dianetics. He started to tell me about Dianetics and what it does. I was very interested and so he took me to the Dianetics Center at Medan. I felt very happy there and especially when Tanya asked me if I wanted to work there.

I saw that by working at the Dianetics Center, a great future was before me. I want to work here and make this the best job ever and be a real asset to the Center.

I am overjoyed that I have now been chosen to go to Sydney, Australia and become trained to translate L. Ron Hubbard’s technology into my language for the people of my country – Indonesia!

Please support me in making this dream become a reality.

Indonesia – there are 260 million people living in this country. In just a short period, over 1,400 book Auditors have been made by the Medan Dianetics Center (the heart of the tsunami VM activities since Dec 2004). Now we must move forward and give these people LRH’s books, materials and the Grade chart as that is the only way we can factually take them to Clear and beyond!

Robert and Rosie are both due to come to Sydney next week once they have received their visas. If 25 people each donated $100.00, we would have enough funds to fly them both to Sydney as well as for living costs for two months.

Simply deposit the funds into the following account: Tanya Louise Helen Clarke ANZ Bank
Acc # 016080 554 960 249.

As well as email the details of the deposit to

Thank you so much,

Angela Wijayanto & Tanya Clarke

Perth staff in Medan, Indonesia

Mail to Angela at: (whilst in Indonesia) or (when in Perth) or Tanya at:

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